Accelerate Precision Oncology
With SpecimenSeq


Accelerating precision oncology programs with matched FFPE
and plasma biospecimens genomically characterized using
Discovery’s Qiagen Multimodal NGS service

Bridging a deep understanding of molecular profiles with clinical information is critical to developing innovative precision medicine tools in oncology. Discovery’s recently launched SpecimenSeq product line makes this challenge easier for targeted oncology and liquid biopsy developers by delivering access to ethically collected biospecimen sets that are annotated by genomic and clinical characteristics.

Watch this webinar to learn how Discovery’s SpecimenSeq and Qiagen Multimodal NGS services can help you advance precision oncology programs by:

Efficiently verifying the presence of biomarker targets in study populations of interest

Building study cohorts with confirmed driver mutations and other clinically relevant genomic variants across FFPE and matched plasma samples

Accelerating timelines and reducing cost of studies designed to:

  • Identify responders versus non-responders
  • Evaluate efficacy
  • Discover and validate biomarker signatures for new liquid biopsy and other diagnostic tests as well as targeted therapies

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