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What We Do

General questions about who we are, what we do and what products and services we offer.

What is Discovery Life Sciences™?

Discovery Life Sciences is the global market leader in biospecimen procurement, analysis, distribution, and scientific services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostics industries. Discovery leverages deep scientific expertise and consultative services, combined with the largest repository of research-quality biospecimens—available and processed for analysis—to accelerate the discovery, research, and development of novel biomarkers, drug candidates, and diagnostics.

What products and services does Discovery Life Sciences offer?

Discovery Life Sciences offers a wide range of consultative research services performed by expert scientists, as well as vast access to human biospecimens, to quickly bring innovative solutions to the most complex research questions. Our research services include: genomic services (extraction, NGS, bioinformatics), cell-based services (flow cytometry, cell isolations, cell culturing), and histology-based services (IHC, ISH, histopathology consultation). We are regarded for our ability to conduct large, prospective, and highly targeted projects using custom protocols that meet client specifications.

Our catalog of biospecimens includes normal, suspect, and disease-state biospecimens, comprising rare diseases and racially and ethnically diverse exemplars. We have a particular emphasis in oncology and infectious diseases, as well as cardiology, neurology, and inflammatory, and autoimmune diseases.

Discovery’s inventory comprises tissue, blood and blood components, swabs (Pap, urine, stool and other biofluids), other types of fluids, and genomic information.  We analyze both archival and new tissue in an in-house lab with full histology services and Board-certified experts in laboratory services, pathology, histology, genomic sequencing, and flow cytometry.  Additionally, we can build custom cohorts with well-stratified, hyper-annotatedâ data and have access to historical, treatment, and follow up data.

Where do the biospecimens in your biorepository come from?

We have the largest biorepository of research-quality biospecimens—over ten million—available and processed for analysis.  We obtain our biospecimens from existing inventories and prospective collections to ensure that we maintain their chain of custody and can track longitudinal data about them:

  • Our Discovery Partners®, a global, integrated network of nearly 300 clinical sources in dozens of countries, across the world.

Our Discovery Partners are the route to hundreds of thousands of patients to find the ideal attributes for even the most complex studies. We leverage this extensive network of hospitals, academic medical centers, blood banks, clinical laboratories, and community-based medical practices to locate the specific biospecimens that our research clients need to fulfill their protocol objectives.

  • Our onsite donor center is a large and growing hub for Discovery’s licensed medical staff to recruit and screen donors to ensure fresh biomaterial is available for customers. The donor center and adjacent processing lab recently tripled in size and facilitates Discovery’s ability to recall donors. From here, we can process the biospecimens or fresh-ship them directly to clients.

The Discovery Partners platform and donor center benefit from our thought leadership in protocol assessment; complex protocol development; IRB/EC submissions; global clinical trials; genomic services; and, human biospecimen project management, inventory management, distribution, and innovative, forward-looking biorepository practices.

Our Guarantee

Learn about what we can guarantee and how we can help with your specific requests.

I have a difficult request. Can Discovery help?

We specialize in custom and/or large studies. Our experienced procurement team will work with you to design your project strategy and oversee collection from start to finish. We can search electronic medical records to find the ideal patients with specific mutations or other characteristics, including the use of certain medications, and can access follow-up data for deeper insights. We can accommodate requests such as: biofluids (blood, urine, saliva, CSF, PBMC isolation), fresh tissue in custom media, matched pairs (frozen/FFPE, tumor/NAT), and multi-phase or longitudinal collections.

Are your biospecimens ethically obtained?

Discovery is committed to quality and integrity with CLIA-certified labs, stringent IRB and Ethics Committee compliance, and all of the applicable regulations, guidelines and best practices that meet or exceed the U.S. and international regulatory requirements. We have the highest ethical standards that will meet your requirements regarding biospecimen procurement and analytical services. In addition, navigating U.S. and international personal data protection regulations, including the EU’s GDPR, is a core competency, and Discovery is committed to the respect and protection of individuals’ privacy.

Are the products and services guaranteed?

Yes.  We guarantee that the biospecimens we send meet the pathological, physical, and histological characteristics highlighted as important in advance by the client.  If there is a discrepancy, we will replace the biospecimen at our cost.  However, we cannot guarantee results or fitness for a particular purpose. If you are not entirely satisfied with the performance of any product, simply call our client services department. They can answer any questions and, if appropriate, arrange a prompt refund or exchange.

Ordering and Partnering Information

Learn about the ordering process and our Discovery Partners® program

How do I place my order?

Fill out our online order form or call us at +01 (866) 838-2798  for US or +359 2 870-2117 for Europe to get started.

How are my products shipped?

Our logistics team works according to the standards required to ship each type of biospecimen. All frozen shipments are insured and shipped on dry ice unless a client prefers another method.

What is Science at your Service™?

We are driven by science, but we’re about more than cutting-edge technology, we define ourselves as a global service provider. Customers value our consultative, innovative approach that helps them overcome obstacles to reach a faster end result. We dynamically engage with our customers to achieve their goals, and that’s why we say we are Science at Your Service™.

How do I become a Discovery Partner®?

Join our Discovery Partners network, and help us help investigators accelerate the discovery, research, and development of novel biomarkers, drug and medical device candidates, and diagnostics.

Call us at 866-838-2798 and we can help bring your organization’s research capabilities to a worldwide scientific audience. There are no costs to participate, and we provide you with all the materials, program procedures, and operational guidelines to be successful.

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