Merck Symposium 2022 - DTC Applications Poster

The acquisition of fresh human tissue is often an impediment to significant research advances. As an alternative, Discovery Life Sciences offers cryopreserved dissociated human tissues as a viable specimen source for many downstream applications, including immunophenotyping, bulk and single cell sequencing, and single cell functionality. Extensive cellular profiling of these samples by flow cytometry revealed indication-specific trends in the composition of the tumor microenvironment. Additionally, these specimens provide the opportunity to screen for novel biomarker expressions including the expression patterns of PD1/PDL1. These specimens are amendable to the 10X Genomics single cell pipelines, and workflows have been established to optimize sample preparation into these assays. Finally, as viable cell suspensions, dissociated human tissues can be utilized in both short term and long term cultures, and the functionality of tumor-infiltrating T cells can be evaluated using IsoPlexis Single Cell Proteomics pipelines. Collectively, cryopreserved dissociated human tissue allows for multifaceted analysis of the next generation of cancer therapies.