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Welcome to the Discovery Donor Clinic

A specialized clinical facility that collects blood and biospecimens from non-diseased donors, to support leading research efforts in oncology and other serious conditions. Donors are compensated for successful specimen donations.

Request to Become a Donor

Our donors provide blood and other biospecimens for researchers in need of normal/healthy samples.

By submitting this form you are agreeing to allow us to contact you via text, phone, or email. Once submitted, a representative will contact you with a medical questionnaire to be completed and returned. When researchers need samples from a healthy donor like you, our team will contact you to schedule a donation appointment.

Requirements to become a donor include:

  •  Be at least 19 years old
  •  Weigh at least 110 lbs
  •  Complete a medical questionnaire
  •  Possess a valid photo ID
  •  Have never been diagnosed with an infectious disease

* Donor Eligibility is at the sole discretion of the collection facility.


Discovery compensates donors. Compensation ranges from $25-$250 depending on the amount of time and effort required for donation.

Why Donate Blood?

Discovery Donor Clinic supports ground breaking research in the areas of Cancer and Auto-immune disease.  Your blood donation is used as the “healthy” control that researchers depend on in order to make life-saving advancements.

One simple blood donation could be the link to a cure.

Donating is Easy

Discovery Donor Clinic is located within the Paul Propst Center on the beautiful Hudson Alpha campus in Huntsville, AL. Your first donation appointment will take about 30 minutes. Subsequent appointments will only take about 15 minutes.


800 Hudson Way, Suite 1401  Huntsville, AL 35806

Donation Safety

Specimen donations follow ARC recommendations for tracking volumes of blood donations. The Donor Clinic is staffed with professionals to ensure safety for all donations, including certified phlebotomists and specialized apheresis nurses.

Discovery Donor Clinic SMS Terms and Conditions:

By texting “Donate” to the short code you consent to have Discovery Donor Clinic text or call you about donating blood.  You may receive up to 6 unrequested messages a month. Message and data rates may apply. Carriers are not liable for delayed or undelivered messaging disclosure. To Opt -Out at any time reply STOP.  You will receive on additional message confirming that your request has been processed. For Help: By Phone call 1-844-709-3669;  or email For all questions about the SMS message service, you can contact us at : 1-844-709-3669 or Click here to access the Discovery Donor Clinic’s SMS Privacy Notice.