Discovery Leukopaks (RUO)

Fresh and Cryopreserved Human Primary Immune Cells

Discovery Leukopaks are a critical source of high quality primary immune cells that help accelerate cell, gene and immuno- therapy R&D programs –
large and small scale.

For research use only. Not intended for use in diagnostic procedures.

Discovery Leukopaks are manufactured from peripheral blood of normal human donors at our wholly owned and operated US Donor Center. Each Discovery Leukopak consists of a concentrated fraction of mononuclear cells including B cells, T cells, NK cells, dendritic cells, monocytes, etc. produced by leukapheresis. All cells are obtained using IRB approved consent forms and protocols.

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Discovery GMP Leukopaks for use as starting materials in manufacturing of cell or gene therapies will be available soon. Be the first to reserve your Discovery GMP Leukopaks.

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Discovery Leukopaks are part of an integrated platform consisting of in-house apheresis capabilities, 2800+ recallable donors and multi-omic analytical services to evaluate human cellular materials.
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A Primer on Human PBMCs

A quick reference resource for scientists who need to isolate, manipulate or develop assays involving human mononuclear cells.

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