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280 sites in 28 countries that power our unique biospecimen collection capabilities

Discovery Life Sciences accesses hundreds of thousands of patients through our Discovery Partners® network. These clinical partners comprise 280 sites in 28 countries on six continents, all with experience in recruiting patients with the ideal attributes for the most complex research protocol objectives.

Our Discovery Partners represent leading national and international hospitals, academic medical centers, blood banks, clinical laboratories, and community-based medical practices. 

The Discovery Partners platform benefits from our thought leadership in

  • Protocol assessment and development
  • IRB/EC submissions
  • Compliance with patient privacy regulations
  • Human biospecimen project management
  • Sample processing, inventory management, and distribution

Discovery’s sample collection includes annotated companion data and, in many cases, follow-up clinical information over time. Following specimen collection, our team will aliquot, label, store, package, distribute and perform custom laboratory services to the specifications requested by our clients.

All Discovery Life Sciences samples are ethically obtained, following all HHS/OHRP, ISBER, and NCI/BBRB regulations, guidelines and best practices, as well as all other FDA, state statutory requirements and international guidelines.

Healthcare Providers, Medical Institutions, and other Clinical Organizations: Become a Discovery Partner!

Join our Discovery Partners network, and help us help investigators accelerate the discovery, research, and development of novel biomarkers, drug and medical device candidates, and diagnostics.


Discovery Partners® programs exist in the following countries:

Australia, Belgium, Benin, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, United States, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Zimbabwe

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