Drive your precision medicine programs further, faster with Discovery’s high-quality, hyper-annotated®, viable cell products.

Discovery is the leading provider of human viable cell biospecimens for drug and diagnostic development. Our Discovery Partners™ clinical collection network, advanced cell processing laboratories, and expert scientific leadership deliver the highest quality, characterized viable cell biospecimens and matched sets commercially available. Additionally, our laboratories can provide custom cell services including multiparametric flow cytometry, FACS, cell culture, and single-cell sequencing.

Human Cell Products

Tissue Cells

As the first team to validate DTCs as a viable alternative to fresh tissue, Discovery’s expert cell services laboratory has evaluated DTCs for many applications through both internal R&D and client partnerships, cultivating unmatched expertise in applying cancer tissue dissociations to custom projects.



Diseased bone marrow mononuclear cells (BMMCs) are composed of both normal and malignant cells. BMMCs are isolated from bone marrow aspirates using density gradient centrifugation techniques. The immunophenotype of malignant cells is readily identified by flow cytometry and are ready for downstream applications.



Accelerate your precision oncology program with Discovery’s extensive inventory and prospective network for PBMCs. Diseased blood is collected just prior to the patient’s next cycle of therapy (typically, a 2-4 week washout period) at standard laboratory appointments as dictated by the patient’s oncologist.



As the pioneers of cryopreserved hepatocytes, Discovery’s team has raised the bar for the isolation, cryopreservation, and culturing of hepatocytes for use in the evaluation of drug metabolism, drug-drug interactions, and drug toxicity. Our team has continually refined the proprietary cryopreservation technology and collection processes that have yielded the industry’s largest hepatocyte inventory.


Immune Cell Isolations

Discovery scientists have validated and standardized multiple primary immune cell isolations from healthy donors. Utilizing modern technologies and gentle selection protocols, flow cytometry attests that our standard cell isolations deliver high purity. We use flow cytometry to characterize donors for peripheral blood immune cell subsets and genetic sequencing for HLA status.


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