Drive your precision medicine programs further, faster with Discovery’s high-quality, hyper-annotated™, human tissue biospecimens.

Our pathologist-reviewed fixed, frozen, and dissociated tissue come with verified sample integrity and actionable data to ensure reliable sample cohorts.

Order matched tissue sample sets including tissue sets and associated biofluids characterized with multi-omic parameters.

Discovery’s human tissue inventory is hyper-annotated so you can build smarter cohorts to meet your project deadlines.

Human Tissue Products

Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) Tissue

Explore the world’s largest commercial repository of diseased & benign FFPE tissue. Accelerate your precision biomarker programs with Discovery Life Sciences’ pathologist-reviewed, hyper-annotated™ FFPE blocks, curls, and slides. Discovery offers nearly 30,000 blocks with digital H&E images so you can order with confidence.

Dissociated Tissue Cells

As the first team to validate DTCs as a viable alternative to fresh tissue, Discovery’s expert cell services laboratory has evaluated DTCs for many applications through both internal R&D and client partnerships, cultivating unmatched expertise in applying cancer tissue dissociations to custom projects.


Understand target expression using multiple downstream biomarker analysis options of mirrored pairs of flash frozen tissue and FFPE.

  • Minimum of 175mg of flash frozen tissue
  • All cases have been collected within the last year
  • All cases have pathologist-confirmed diagnoses

Access to

Hundreds of
Thousands of Patients


Nearly 300 Clinical Sources

Dozens of Countries, Across the World

Discovery Partners®, our network of nearly 300 clinical sources in dozens of countries across the world, enables large-scale, prospective collections, while also supporting our robust bank of inventory samples.

Our Discovery Partners represent leading national and international

  • Hospitals
  • Academic medical centers

  • Blood banks

  • Clinical laboratories

  • Community-based medical practices

Each diseased specimen is provided with the base clinical data from the patient case, along with a redacted pathology report.

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