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Discovery scientists have validated and standardized multiple primary immune cell isolations  from healthy donors. Utilizing modern technologies and gentle selection protocols, flow cytometry attests that our standard cell isolations deliver high purity. We use flow cytometry to characterize donors  for peripheral blood immune cell subsets and genetic sequencing for HLA status. We store and transport samples using high-quality storage media that is free of animal protein to avoid unnecessary activation of cells. Our scientists are continually investigating further cellular isolations to add to our standard offerings. We have cultivated a deep expertise in applying cellular isolations to custom projects. Our team is available for consultations to optimize the results of studies involving our cellular isolations.

Through our proprietary healthy donor network and collection clinic, Discovery can support large projects that require:

  • Recallable donors for longitudinal collections
  • HLA-A typing status for donors
  • Faster than average accruals
  • Sourcing from a large patient cohort


Discovery offers a wide range of biofluid specimens in addition to blood, with the scientific team and laboratories to meet custom processing requirements.

Our primary immune cell isolations are derived from human apheresis collections and delivered as cryopreserved vials of single-cell suspensions. Each specimen has guaranteed cell counts following our Thawing Viable Cell Products protocol. Our large healthy donor network allows for large-scale prospective collections, while also supporting our robust bank of inventory samples.

Customized laboratory services are available and include custom: isolations, aliquoting, processing of leukopaks, flow cytometry characterization, targeted genomic analysis, and more.

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Donor Collection Details:
  • Leukopak products isolated within an hour of collection
  • Large and diverse donor network
  • NGS characterization for HLA-A (includes HLA-A*02:01:01G)
  • All donors are virus tested (HIV, HBV, HCV, CMV)
  • Collected at an ISO 9001 certified facility using validated protocols
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