Discovery Leukopaks are manufactured from peripheral blood of normal human donors at our wholly owned and operated US Donor Center. Each Discovery Leukopak consists of a concentrated fraction of mononuclear cells including B cells, T cells, NK cells, dendritic cells, monocytes, CD34+ produced by leukapheresis. Cells are obtained using IRB approved consent forms and protocols. Each donor is tested for HIV, HBV, HCV, CMV, HLA typed via 6-digit NGS and further qualified according to customer criteria. Customers may purchase Whole Fresh Leukopaks in sizes tabulated below.

Leukopak Product Product No. Total Cell Count List Price*
Full Leukopak 78023 9 Billion Minimum $3,000
Half Leukopak 53678 5 Billion Minimum $2,000
Quarter Leukopak 75663 2.5 Billion Minimum $1,650
Custom Order C-5672 Custom Contact Us for Pricing

* Pricing may vary depending on your project specific details. Contact us for project specific pricing.

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Discovery Life Sciences also offers cryopreserved, primary immune cell isolations which are produced from Fresh Discovery Leukopaks with the ability to begin cell isolation protocol within 1 hour of leukophoresis.

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