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SpecimenSeq™ FFPE

The report contains: >31,000 detections of 498 specific genes across 9 oncology indications and 313 unique patients. Each FFPE biospecimen is ethically collected from treatment naive cancer patients.

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Conduct smarter oncology R&D faster with SpecimenSeq

Bridging a deep understanding of molecular profiles is critical to developing innovative precision medicine tools in oncology. SpecimenSeq makes this challenge easier for targeted oncology developers by delivering access to ethically collected biospecimens that are comprehensively annotated by genomic and pathological characteristics.

Deliverables & Characterization:

Biospecimen FormatQuantityCharacterization Reports
  • Clinical information and pathology report
  • Key variants report
NGS Characterization Panels:

Oncomine Focus Assay

The Oncomine Focus Assay is a targeted, multi-biomarker assay that enables detection of hotspots, SNVs, indels, CNVs, and gene fusions from DNA and RNA in a single workflow. View the full list of genes and fusions in this panel via the button below.

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TruSight Oncology 500

TruSight Oncology 500 is a NGS assay that enables comprehensive genomic profiling of tumor samples. It supports identification of all relevant DNA and RNA variants implicated in various solid tumor types. View more details about this panel via the button below.

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Additional characterizations are available through our expert, integrated service laboratories,
Tissue Biomarker Services
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SpecimenSeq delivers reliable, well-characterized study cohorts to enable faster
Biomarker Discovery

Verification of the presence of biomarker targets in your populations of interest

Assessing Mutations

Confirmation of driver mutations and other clinically relevant genomic variants across FFPE samples

Oncology Therapeutics

Acceleration of timelines for identifying responders versus non-responders and efficacy evaluations for new cancer therapies

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