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  • Flash Frozen Tissue and Matched FFPE – includes samples from 10 oncology indications

Matched Flash Frozen Tissue and FFPE sets include:

  • Mirrored pairs of consented flash frozen tissue and FFPE
    • More than 175mg of flash frozen tissue
    • Full FFPE block
  • Pathology report
    • All diagnoses are confirmed by Discovery’s board-certified pathologists
  • Patient and sample data
    • Includes: age, race, gender, resection date, tumor percentage, etc.
    • Molecular pathology results included where available

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Discovery also provides world-class Genomic and Tissue Biomarker services to extract the data and insights needed from these matched sample sets. From nucleic acid extractions through bioinformatics, Discovery can be your single strategic partner to fully accelerate your biomarker studies.

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