A Complete Portfolio of ADMET Products and Services to Advance your Preclinical Studies

All Gentest and In Vitro ADMET products and services are now united under the Gentest brand from Discovery Life Sciences.

40+ years of combined service to the ADMET industry is now united in delivering a complete portfolio of solutions. Discovery's Gentest brand now provides access to one of the largest hepatocyte, tissue fraction, and recombinant enzyme inventories in the world accompanied by leading-edge service techniques.  This unique innovation engine supports ADME and toxicology scientists in generating the data need to make informed decisions with significant impact on their drugs’ downstream development.  Partner with Gentest to advance your ADMET programs today.

Key ADMET Products

999Elite™ Hepatocytes

The premiere cryopreserved primary hepatocytes selected to enhance the efficiency of drug metabolism, toxicology, and pharmacology



Human and animal liver microsomes available in many pooled lot sizes including UltraPool™ (HLM) . These pooled microsomes enable consistency in experimental results in multi-site and long-term programs by delivering reproducible data across multiple CYP and UGT enzymes.


MetMax™ Hepatocytes

Pioneered by Discovery’s Dr. Albert Li, Gentest® MetMax™ human hepatocytes are the optimal in vitro experimental systems for evaluating drug metabolism.


Tissue Fractions

Gentest® microsomes, cytosol, and S9 subcellular fractions provide a convenient, cost-effective source of native enzymes responsible for phase I and phase II metabolism of drugs. 



Gentest® Supersomes™ are recombinant enzyme products and recognized as the industry gold standard. They contain higher catalytic activities than native human liver enzymes.



Gentest® TransportoCells™ products are high-performance mammalian cells in a convenient, cryopreserved format that transiently over express a single human SLC transporter protein.


Gentest Research Services

Personalized guidance to help you make decisions quickly and efficiently

Gentest contract research services combines industry-leading proprietary products, advanced technology, and personalized guidance from expert study directors to deliver reliable, submission-ready results. Our team of experts can design studies to predict drug-drug interactions, hepatoctoxicity, human pharmacokinetics using the innovative Gentest in vitro products, cell models, and methodologies. Services include:

  • Enzyme Induction/Inhibition
  • Transporter Interaction Studies
  • Metabolic Stability
  • Metabolic Pathway Identification, Inhibition, or Induction
  • Reaction Phenotyping
  • Cytotoxic Metabolite Assays
  • Screening - Discovery Compounds
  • Hepatic and Non-Hepatic Organ Toxicity
  • Permeability and Transport
  • Custom Assays

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