Isolated Cells Pricing Table

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Cell TypeSelectionCountPrice
MNCsFicoll100 MM$325
MNCsFicoll50 MM$225
MNCsFicoll25 MM$145
MNCsFicoll15 MM$95
Monocytes (CD14+)Positive40 MM$1075
Monocytes (CD14+)Positive20 MM$725
Monocytes (CD14+)Positive10 MM$575
Monocytes (CD14+)Negative10 MM$675
Pan T (CD3+)Negative20 MM$575
Helper T (CD3+ CD4+)Negative15 MM$575
Cytotoxic T (CD3+ CD8+ CD56-)Negative10 MM$575
Naive CD4+Negative5 MM$725
Naive CD8+Negative5 MM$675
B Cells (CD19+)Negative20 MM$1075
B Cells (CD19+)Negative10 MM$675
B Cells (CD19+)Positive10 MM$625
NK Cells (CD56+)Negative5 MM$675
NK Cells (CD56+)Positive5 MM$525
Plasmacytoid Dendritic CellsNegative0.5 MM$675
Macrophages (CD11b+ CD18+ CD68+ MHCII+)Culture1.5 MM$525
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Donor Collection Details:

  • Leukopak products isolated within an hour of collection
  • Large and diverse donor network
  • NGS characterization for HLA-A (includes HLA-A*02:01:01G)
  • All donors are virus tested (HIV, HBV, HCV, CMV)
  • Collected at an ISO 9001 certified facility using validated protocols

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