Discovery scientists have deep experience adapting protocols and processes to support custom blood projects. Equipped with ISO-certified laboratory facilities and sophisticated technology, our scientists develop and validate custom protocols for research clients with specific project requirements.

We also customize laboratory processes and protocols, including cell isolations, genomic sequencing, HLA testing, and patient characterization.

Disease Areas

Oncology  ·  Autoimmune Diseases  ·  Normal Control Samples  ·  Hematology  ·  Cardiovascular  ·  Gastroenterology  ·  Infectious Diseases  ·  Liver Disease


Discovery offers the full spectrum of blood-based biospecimens, from whole blood to double-spun plasma, and diseased patients to healthy donors. Discovery Partners®, our network of more than 280 sites in 28 countries on six continents, enables large-scale, prospective collections, while also supporting our robust bank of inventory samples. Each diseased specimen is provided with the base clinical data from the patient case, along with a redacted pathology report. Our scientific team has the knowledge and technical capacity to meet custom requirements and offer laboratory services for blood-based projects. 

Biospecimen Formats:

Fresh, Whole Blood  ·  Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs)  ·  Plasma  ·  Double-Spun Plasma  ·  Serum  ·  Buffy Coat  ·  Cord Blood  ·  Bone Marrow  ·  Bone Marrow Mononuclear Cells (BMMCs)

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