Target Expression

Unique integrated biospecimen and expert biomarker services enable a thorough understanding of target expression.
Study Design & Cohort Creation
Understand Target Expression
  • Conduct large scale sensitivity screening of cancer patient populations to understand expression patterns within and among tumor indications
  • Demonstrate precision and reproducibility using serial sections from samples with various levels of known target expression
  • Analyze specificity in cell lines, xenografts, and normal human tissues
  • Optimized dual DNA/RNA extraction services
  • Develop a robust scoring scheme to properly and consistently capture level of target expression
  • Analyze expression rate for cut-off determination in various disease indications
  • Orthogonal testing via RNAScope, PCR, ELISA, Nanostring, etc.
  • Orthogonal testing via RNAScope, PCR, ELISA, Nanostring, etc.
  • Genomic biomarker analyses: RNA-Seq, whole exome sequencing and targeted sequencing, whole genome sequencing, long read sequencing, single cell and more
  • Immunophentyping and functional analyses via flow cytometry and cell-based services
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