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Biomarkers & Indications
  • Discuss study goals and timelines with sponsor
  • Understand mechanism of action and targeted biomarkers of interest
  • Determine appropriate controls, i.e. cell lines, xenografts, animal and human control tissues
  • Determine tumor indications of interest – if unclear, survey many indications
  • Select biospecimens with specific characteristics, e.g. metastatic, morphologic distinction, etc.
  • Determine the best commercially available primary antibodies for targets of interest
  • Identify novel antibodies and screen clones from internal antibody campaigns


Biomarker Assay
  • Test & select optimal pretreatment conditions
  • Determine assay specificity
  • Test range and linearity for assay robustness
  • Screen tissue and test sensitivity
  • Develop scoring scheme
  • Validate precision & reproducibility
  • Adhere to applicable GCLP guidelines
  • Deliver IND submission-ready analytical reports


Biomarker Assay
  • Conduct IHC testing of research or clinical samples – retrospective or prospective studies
  • Provide full-service histology and ASCP certified pathology analysis
  • Determine expression across tumor indications (Tumor Survey)
  • Set cut-off for positivity for patient sample screening and enrollment (CAP/CLIA)
  • Develop Prototype CDx: strategy for testing & downstream commercialization
  • Deliver customized reporting & data transfer
  • Adhere to GCLP and CLIA guidelines
Integrated with our expert ihc services,
Discovery also has the world’s largest commercial biorepository of FFPE tissues and provides flow cytometry and sequencing services to fully understand target expression and comprehensively validate robust IHC assays.
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