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Biomarkers & Indications

  • Discuss study goals and timelines with sponsor
  • Understand mechanism of action and targeted biomarkers of interest
  • Determine appropriate controls, i.e. cell lines, xenografts, animal and human control tissues
  • Determine tumor indications of interest – if unclear, survey many indications
  • Select biospecimens with specific characteristics, e.g. metastatic, morphologic distinction, etc.
  • Determine the best commercially available primary antibodies for targets of interest
  • Identify novel antibodies and screen clones from internal antibody campaigns



Biomarker Assay

  • Test & select optimal pretreatment conditions
  • Determine assay specificity
  • Test range and linearity for assay robustness
  • Screen tissue and test sensitivity
  • Develop scoring scheme
  • Validate precision & reproducibility
  • Adhere to applicable GCLP guidelines
  • Deliver IND submission-ready analytical reports



Biomarker Assay

  • Conduct IHC testing of research or clinical samples – retrospective or prospective studies
  • Determine assay specificity
  • Provide full-service histology and ASCP certified pathology analysis
  • Determine expression across tumor indications (Tumor Survey)
  • Set cut-off for positivity for patient sample screening and enrollment (CAP/CLIA)
  • Develop Prototype CDx: strategy for testing & downstream commercialization
  • Deliver customized reporting & data transfer
  • Adhere to GCLP and CLIA guidelines

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