Clinical Trial Tissue Biomarker Services

Get high quality results at speed and scale to accelerate global clinical trials using a single chain of custody that adheres to appropriate regulations and quality standards
  • Interfacing with clinical sites and central laboratories
  • Creation of collection manuals and requisition forms
  • Extensive scientific & clinical project management throughout
  • Sample log and database management
  • Kit delivery and collection of specimens
  • Full histology capabilities:
    • Processing and embedding of fresh samples
    • Processing and embedding of fresh samples
    • Histology sectioning and H&E staining
    • Clinical Pathologist inspection on site
  • Large-scale IHC testing of clinical samples with rapid turnaround times:
    • 3-5 days for prospective enrollment studies
    • 1-2 weeks or batch staining for retrospective or exploratory studies
  • Large-scale genomic biomarker testing of clinical samples including optimized dual DNA/RNA extraction services
  • Certified pathology, annotation and digital pathology image analysis
  • Customized reporting & data transfer

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