Global Tissue Biomarker Services

Power your precision biomarker programs with pathology guided tissue biomarker services.

Make Decisions with Confidence

Understand your target biomarkers using Discovery’s high quality IHC services delivered on all leading technology platforms (Dako, Ventana, Leica, TechMate).

An Integrated Approach: IHC Project Flow

High quality IHC services fit for any stage of research and development

Preclinical and Translational Studies

We apply expert knowledge of fundamental biological processes to understand targets in preclinical models and accelerate transition to the next stage of development

Assay Development

Our experts start with the end in mind to tailor assays for the right targets in the right patients on the right platforms

Assay Validation

Expert determination and optimization of assay performance

Target Expression

Unique integrated biospecimen and expert multi-omic services - flow cytometry, ELISA, sequencing and IHC - enable a thorough understanding of target expression.

Clinical Trial Services

Get high quality results at speed and scale to accelerate global clinical trials using a single chain of custody that adheres to all appropriate regulations and quality standards

Companion Diagnostics

Leverage the expertise behind one of the most successful companion diagnostic on the market to advance your companion diagnostic programs

Pathology Biomarker Training Services

Accelerate adoption postmarket with expert training for pathologists and technicians

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