Multiplexed Immunoassays

Quantify protein biomarkers at every stage of development

Multiplex immunoassays are sensitive assays that aid in evaluating drug response biomarkers, immunotherapy success, and toxicity. Immunoassays are invaluable in identifying drug candidates in early discovery or for measuring therapeutic responses in a clinical trial. Discovery life Sciences’ proteomics laboratories offer a full suite of multiplex immunoassay services that deliver unmatched coverage, reproducibility and dynamic range to help inform your pharmacodynamic studies, mechanism of action assessments, clinical trials, and biomarker programs. 


Proximity Extension Assay

Measure the concentration of thousands of human plasma proteins using small amounts of sample



xMAP® Technology

Customizable protein and nucleic acid based multiplex assays

 SampleSamples per plateNumber of proteins multiplexed
OlinkPlasma and serum88Up to 3,000
LuminexPlasma, serum, cell culture supernatants, cell lysate, and other body fluids80 or 364Up to 80

Protein biomarker discovery can help bridge the gap between genomes and phenotypes, enabling improved understanding of real-time human biology and a stronger grasp of the transition from health to disease. With its high specificity, precision, and sensitivity, at scale, Olink’s PEA technology addresses limitations that historically impeded advanced proteomics. We are excited to support Discovery Life Sciences on their mission to embrace the promise of proteomics through our innovative and unique technology and help leverage its potential for their customers worldwide.

Jon Heimer

CEO of Olink

Our proteomics experts work consultatively to help select the best technologies to meet the needs and overcome the challenges of your study.  

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