Proteogenomics integrates genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics to provide a more comprehensive picture of cellular activity. In 2022, Discovery Life Sciences along with Seer and SCIEX formed the Proteogenomics Consortium, a collaboration that will enable genomics customers to add deep proteomics data more easily to their discovery, translational and clinical studies. The consortium combines Seer’s Proteograph™ Product Suite and the SCIEX ZenoTOF 7600 system with Zeno SWATH DIA to provide unbiased, deep, and rapid assessment of the human plasma proteome at scale, facilitating discoveries of variant proteins and novel biomarkers. Expanded product capacity is expected to allow Discovery to analyze larger sample cohorts and quantify more proteins per sample, which can potentially lead to therapeutic breakthroughs.


This is a highly innovative and novel partnership wherein, for the first time, three scientific service and technology industry leaders are dedicating and combining resources at this scale to advance proteogenomic research. This collaboration will overcome existing research challenges and accelerate progress in our understanding of human health and disease by helping our customers significantly expand and accelerate their multi-omics efforts. Rapid acquisition of data speeds development. This Consortium will provide new, highly-scaled and more comprehensive capabilities to develop and deploy novel biomarkers, drug candidates, and diagnostics.

Glenn Bilawsky

CEO of Discovery Life Sciences

We are entering a new era where progress is expected at pandemic speed. This collaboration and its commitment to proteogenomic accessibility will help accelerate many new discoveries for disease research. Sensitive detection and robust quantitation of biomarkers are foundational to Precision Medicine and support earlier and better diagnosis, along with more personalized and effective treatments.

Joe Fox

President at SCIEX

We are thrilled to collaborate with Discovery Life Sciences and Sciex to bring unbiased, deep proteogenomics at scale to the market. Through our collaboration, we will empower genomics researchers to add unbiased, deep proteomics data to their studies, connecting genotype to phenotype, and enabling multi-omic studies of unprecedented resolution.

Omid Farokhzad

CEO and Founder at Seer


The Proteogenomics Consortium aims to significantly contribute to expanding our understanding of the proteome in an unbiased, discovery-based manner across a variety of patient cohorts and disease states. 

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