Single Cell Sequencing Services

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Achieve a more nuanced view of biology

While extracting and sequencing nucleic acid from bulk tissue can provide a great deal of information, understanding the status of individual cells is often critical for truly understanding normal and aberrant physiology.

HudsonAlpha Discovery supports single cell genomic studies by combining our optimized processes and protocols with technologies from 10x Genomics. We offer RNA-Seq for understanding the transcriptome, CITE-seq to simultaneously assess surface proteins and the transcriptome, and ATAC-seq to explore chromatin accessibility.


Improve the resolution of your genomic data with single cell sequencing services.

10x Genomics technologies

Single cell RNA-Seq service

Multidimensional multi-omics data with CITE-seq

Chromatin accessibility with ATAC-seq

V(D)J B cell receptor and T cell receptor sequencing

Qualitative and quantitative analyses


  • Immune repertoire profiling
  • Transcriptomics
  • Biomarker discovery & profiling
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Personalized medicine
  • All research phases and activities
    • Basic discovery
    • Translational and pre-clinical
    • Clinical

Highlights of our single cell sequencing services

Enhance your understanding of biology through single cell genomics and multi-omics data:
Multiple types of assays
  • RNA-Seq for mRNA
  • CITE-seq for simultaneous mRNA and surface protein
  • ATAC-seq for chromatin accessibility
  • V(D)J B cell receptor (BCR) sequencing and T cell receptor (TCR) sequencing
  • Combined total RNA-Seq with V(D)J BCR sequencing and V(D)J TCR sequencing
Nucleic acid extraction and library preparation