RNA-Seq Services

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Optimized protocols expand your discoveries

One of the challenges many sequencing projects face is extracting enough high-quality nucleic acid for accurate and reproducible results. This challenge can be especially problematic when you’re extracting RNA from FFPE tissue.

At HudsonAlpha Discovery, we focus on the quality and usability of genomic data and have refined all aspects of the RNA-Seq workflow to maximize what you can learn from each sample. For example, our optimized RNA extraction protocols demonstrate that it is possible to extract high quality RNA from FFPE tissue for reliable, reproducible RNA-Seq data and we invite you to give our methods a try.


Learn more with HudsonAlpha Discovery’s RNA-Seq services.
Analyze a range of RNA types
Optimized sequencing of RNA from FFPE tissue

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Quickly scale-up and scale-down any project


  • Transcriptomics
  • Biomarker discovery & profiling
  • Reads per kb million (RPKM), fragments per kb million (FPKM), and transcripts per million (TPM) analyses
  • Differential Expression Analysis
  • Fusion Detection
  • RNA splice site isoform analysis
  • Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (Qiagen)
  • Disease research
  • Personalized medicine
  • All research phases and activities
    • Basic discovery
    • Translational and pre-clinical
    • Clinical

Highlights of our RNA-Seq services

Study a full range of RNAs, even from challenging samples, with our RNA-Seq services.
Analyze all types of RNA utilizing various techniques, including:
  • Total RNA
  • PolyA+/mRNA
  • Ribosomal-reduced (rRNA-reduced) RNA
  • Globin-reduced RNA
  • Long and short non-coding RNA
  • miRNA
  • Extracellular RNA, such as exosomal RNA and RNA in extracellular bodies
Nucleic acid extraction and library preparation
  • Optimized extraction protocols for a variety of samples
  • Dual concurrent RNA-DNA extraction from challenging sample types such as FFPE tissue— read the white paper »
  • Matched DNA-Seq and RNA-Seq extracted from the same tissues and fluids
RNA amplification and library construction from low quantity RNA
  • Takara (Clontech) SMARTer Pico Mammalian RNA Amplification for rRNA-reduced library construction and RNA-Seq from both low and high quality RNA, including RNA isolated from FFPE tissues
  • NuGen RNA amplification and standard cDNA library construction from moderate to high-quality RNA
  • Customer-preferred methods also possible
Illumina TruSeq RNA Exome (formerly TruSeq RNA Access) for capturing coding RNAs
Cancer sequencing panels

  • Illumina TruSight Tumor170 including RNA analysis of 55 genes
  • TruSight Oncology 500 including RNA analysis of 55 genes
  • Additional off-the-shelf options and validation services
Read length
Bioinformatics analysis and data storage
  • Tier 1: FASTQ output and summary report
  • Tier 2: Standard application-specific outputs (BCL, FASTQ, BAM, VCF, gVCF)
  • Tier 3: Standard output as well as interpretation, reports, and flexible data delivery, storage, and consulting time
  • RPKM, FPKM, TPM analyses
  • Differential expression analysis
  • Fusion Detection
  • RNA splice site isoform analysis
  • Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (Qiagen)
  • Flexible data delivery options
  • 90 days storage included with service pricing
  • Long term storage available

The HudsonAlpha Discovery Difference

RNA-Seq services
Flexible and creative problem solving with expert scientific guidance in choosing the best RNA-Seq methods specific to your study design and sample types
Optimized protocols and automated workflows that reduce technical bias
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