Metagenomic Sequencing Services

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Shed light on the microbiome

The composition of microbial communities can provide critical information about their local environment, whether that environment is the human gut1, an airplane cabin2, or a freshwater lake.3 As abundance of specific species rise and fall, they can signal disease and/or promote pathogenesis.

HudsonAlpha Discovery enables a broad range of microbiome studies with our metagenomic sequencing services, including whole genome shotgun metagenomic sequencing4 and metatranscriptomics.3


Explore the microbiome with our metagenomic sequencing services

Flexible and customizable end-to-end services

Extraction of nucleic acid from environmental and clinical samples

Whole genome shotgun metagenomics

Metatranscriptomic sequencing

16S rRNA sequencing


Microbiome studies

Disease research

Environmental metagenomics

All research phases and activities

Basic discovery, Translational and pre-clinical, Clinical

Highlights of our metagenomic sequencing services

Whether you need end-to-end support or a subset of what we can provide, we’ll help you customize a service project to best meet your study objectives.

Here are a few examples of what we offer:
Nucleic acid extraction and library preparation
  • Optimized extraction protocols for nearly any sample type
  • Optimized protocols for working with ultra-low amounts of nucleic acid
Bioinformatics analysis and data storage
  • Tier 1: Raw BCL and FASTQ file output
  • Tier 2: Standard application-specific and quality report outputs (BCL, FASTQ, aligned BAM files and sequencing QC reports
  • Tier 3: Standard output plus variant calling (VCF, g-VCF) and genomic interpretation reports
  • Additional custom reporting options including Ingenuity Variant Analysis (Qiagen) consolidated variant reports as well as options for genomic variant annotation
  • Flexible data delivery and storage options
  • 90 days storage included with service pricing
  • Long term storage available

The HudsonAlpha Discovery Difference

Microbiome Sequencing
Flexible and creative problem solving with expert scientific guidance