TruSight Oncology 500 (TSO500) Solid Tumor NGS Services

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TSO500 ctDNA NGS Service for Liquid Biopsy

Streamlined parallel histopathology and NGS workflows to detect clinically relevant DNA and RNA variants in various solid tumor indications

HudsonAlpha Discovery’s TSO500 Solid Tumor NGS service provides high sensitivity detection of genomic variants across 523 DNA genes and 55 RNA Fusion events in most major cancer indications and sample types, including microsatellite instability (MSI) and tumor mutational burden (TMB) immuno-oncology biomarkers.
For Research Use Only.


Our TSO500 NGS services provide pan-cancer genomic biomarker analysis of SNVs, InDels, CNVs, Fusions, TMB, and MSI to enable:
  • Discovery and verification of the presence of genomic biomarker targets and signatures in solid tumors
  • Retrospective identification of potential oncology clinical trial patient responders versus non-responders based on genomic profiles
  • RUO development and orthogonal validation of novel solid tumor diagnostic solutions
  • Combine the matching TSO500 Solid Tumor and TSO500 ctDNA applications to develop and validate non-invasive liquid biopsy assays from matched-patient Plasma and FFPE samples

Service Performance Data

Using commercially available reference standards in our optimized and automated nucleic acid extraction, library construction, and sequencing workflows, we demonstrate the accuracy, sensitivity, and reproducibility of our TSO500 Solid Tumor NGS RUO service.



Limit of Detection:

>2% Allele Fractions



Technical Data Sheet

Download our Technical Data sheet to learn more about service performance data.

TSO500 Technical Data Sheet Download Now


HudsonAlpha Discovery’s TSO500 Solid Tumor NGS services deliverables include a convenient annotated PierianDx report for genomic variants, TMB, and MSI scores.

Horizon FFPE gDNA Reference Control from Run 1 View Sample Report
SeraCare NTRK Fusion Reference Control from Run 1 View Sample Report
Colon Carcinoma Sample Report View Report
The following output files are also available in addition to FASTQ and BAM files.

TSO500HT v2.2 Output files

DNA Results
  • Small variants VCF
  • Annotated merged variants JSON
  • TMB trace TSV
  • Combined RNA variants TSV (for DNA-only samples only)
RNA Results
  • Fusions CSV
  • Splice Variants VCF
  • Annotates splice variants JSON
  • Combined RNA variants TSV (for RNA-only samples only)
Combined DNA + RNA results
  • Combined DNA + RNA variants TSV (for paired DNA+RNA samples only)
QC and metrics files
  • Metrics report TSV

Sample Input Requirements

White Paper

Optimized Methods for Sequencing RNA from FFPE samples

Download this white paper to learn more about our optimized protocol that retains and extracts longer RNA molecules without impacting DNA quality or yield.

Download White Paper

FFPE extractions may be performed using HudsonAlpha Discovery’s Dual DNA/RNA FFPE Extraction Method.

DNA Input: 80 - 120 ng, 500 ng max

RNA Input: 80 - 100 ng

RNA DV200 > 20%

DNA QC using Picogreen and RNA QC using Fragment Analyzer

NGS sequencing runs using paired end 2 x 100 base pair reads

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