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A world-class lab with industrial-scale capabilities, HudsonAlpha Discovery brings together advanced technologies, workflows optimized for quality and reproducibility, and an innovative, service-oriented scientific team to deliver reliable scientific insight delivered rapidly and at scale.

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A world-class genomic services lab with industrial-scale capabilities

HudsonAlpha Discovery brings together advanced technologies, workflows optimized for quality and reproducibility, and an innovative, service-oriented scientific team to deliver reliable scientific insight delivered rapidly and at scale.

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Whole Genome Sequencing

Scalable whole genome sequencing services with the coverage and quality to meet your project needs.

  • Illumina, PacBio, and Oxford Nanopore platforms
  • 30x, 60x, 90x, custom coverage options
  • Matched DNA- and RNA-Seq from the same tissue
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Targeted & Exome Sequencing

Multiple options for coverage, targeted sequencing panels, and capture platforms enable basic, translational, and clinical studies.

  • IDT, Twist, Agilent capture platforms
  • 50x, 100x, 300x, and custom coverage
  • Illumina TruSight panels
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Proprietary isolation protocols deliver high quality RNA even from difficult samples.

  • Multiple RNA types, including mRNA, long non-coding RNA, miRNA, regulatory RNAs,exosomal RNA
  • Robust RNA isolation from FFPE tissue
  • Multiple RNA amplification and library construction methods from both low and high quality RNA
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Single Cell Sequencing

Improve the resolution of your genomic data with single cell sequencing

  • 10x Genomics technologies
  • RNA-Seq, TCR-Seq, BCR-Seq, CITE-Seq, and ATAC-Seq
  • 10x Genomics Cell Ranger Analysis
  • Qualitative and quantitative analyses
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Advance insight into epigenetic regulation of gene expression

  • Illumina’s Infinium MethylationEPIC BeadChip (850K sites) technology
  • ATAC-Seq with 10x Genomics technology
  • Next generation sequencing (NGS) of bisulfite-treated libraries
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Explore the microbiome with a range of metagenomic sequencing services.

  • Nucleic acid extraction from environmental and clinical samples
  • Whole genome shotgun metagenomics
  • Metatranscriptomic sequencing
  • 16S rRNA sequencing
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The HudsonAlpha Discovery Difference

High-throughput capacity

Our 10 Illumina NovaSeq 6000 instruments can sequence

~70,000 whole genomes per year,

enabling projects at any scale.

Long-read technologies

A PacBio Center of Excellence

We can leverage both PacBio and Oxford Nanopore long-read platforms for better insights into genome structure including large structural variants, long repeats, and more.

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Optimized workflows

We consistently generate reproducible, high-quality data from even the most challenging samples, such as FFPE and low sample input amounts.

Download our white paper on optimizing RNA sequencing from FFPE. Go
Workflows optimized to reduce technical bias:
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High-quality biospecimens

As part of Discovery Life Sciences, we can source a range of healthy and disease-state biospecimen types for your study, including matched FFPE tissue and plasma.

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Bioinformatics services

We have multiple options for data analysis and interpretation including short- and long-term data storage.

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Flexible, fully customizable end-to-end services

We can create customized solutions that overcome a wide range of challenges.

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With hundreds of thousands of research and clinical samples successfully analyzed using whole genome, whole exome, whole transcriptome, and other more targeted genomic approaches, HudsonAlpha Discovery is the right partner to bring genomic insights to your project.
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When you choose HudsonAlpha Discovery you get the latest genomic innovations delivered at speed and scale—proprietary workflows, advanced sequencing platforms, and the Discovery Life Sciences commitment to service.

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Comprehensive Sequencing Analysis

Our genomics portal simplifies your access to comprehensive bioinformatics and includes convenient data storage solutions.

  • Tier 1: Raw BCL and FASTQ file output
  • Tier 2: Standard application-specific and quality report outputs (BCL, FASTQ, aligned BAM files and sequencing QC reports
  • Tier 3: Standard output plus variant calling (VCF, g-VCF) and genomic interpretation reports
  • RPKM, FPKM, Differential Expression Analysis, Fusion Detection, Splice Site Isoform Detection, Ingenuity Pathway Analysis
  • Additional custom reporting options including Ingenuity Variant Analysis (Qiagen) consolidated variant reports as well as options for genomic variant annotation
  • Flexible data delivery and storage options
  • 90 days storage included with service pricing
  • Long term storage available
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In Focus: Reducing technical bias

At HudsonAlpha Discovery, our commitment to quality and reproducibility can be seen in the steps we take to reduce technical bias (Figure 1). These steps include:

  • Automation to ensure consistency
  • Multiple points to assess quality
  • iSeq sequencers to balance library pools before sequencing
  • Distributed sequencing of balanced library pools across flow cells and sequencers to normalize variability
In a longitudinal study that tested thousands of samples, we demonstrated a plate to plate variability of <1% Download the Poster to See Data
Get more information about our DNA and RNA sequencing services Download the One-Sheet

Figure 1. An example of a sequencing workflow that limits technical bias.

Download our white paper: Optimized Methods for Sequencing RNA from FFPE samples

To learn how we can help you unblock disease insights from FFPE

Download the White Paper

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