Discovery accesses a deep reservoir of specimens, facilities, technologies, and expertise to equip our researcher clients with large-scale, custom services in flow cytometry. Our scientists are accomplished in designing and executing flow cytometric analyses and provide custom consultations to optimize project results. Our team also can aide in panel design, such as the custom validation of fluorophores and antibody clones for your assays. Our scientist analyze and report data outputs. Sophisticated technologies are used in our flow cytometry laboratory; these have high-throughput and automation capabilities to handle large-scale projects. Our primary cell processing facility incorporates a dedicated, separate flow cytometry laboratory.


Discovery is a full-service partner, equipped to be an extension of your lab. We leverage our expertise, facilities, and technology to support and accelerate your research. Data from flow cytometry services are provided as both a simplified summary analysis and raw data files. Imagine the benefits of sourcing and characterizing cell samples from a single vendor:

  • Reduced backlogs on internal laboratories and personnel
  • Biospecimens and lab services accessed from a single vendor
  • Dedicated point of contact across projects
  • Simplified logistics and contracting
  • Reduced flow cytometer maintenance time and costs
  • Characterized samples relevant to your criteria

Service Listing

  • Cell population analysis
  • DNA content analysis
  • Cell proliferation status
  • Intracellular protein analysis
  • 12-plex cytokine analysis
  • Activation and exhaustion status of immune cells
  • Marker expression of cell populations
    • HLA
    • PD1
    • PD-L1
    • CTLA-4

Case Study

T Cell Expansions with Custom Flow Analysis and Patient Matched Primary T Cells

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