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Expert Cell Biology and Immunology Laboratory

Leverage Discovery’s expertise, technology, and biospecimens to conduct targeted studies and analyses to help researchers go further faster.

Each of the service areas below can be utilized as standalone or combined to into complex workflows that result in actionable data and analysis.

Custom Biospecimen Processing

The ability to screen and process fresh human biospecimens (including fresh tissue) with customizable criteria and protocols allows our lab to deliver high-quality cell products, tailored for specific downstream applications.

  • Standardized and customizable protocols available for cellular processing of human blood and tissue (tumor, diseased, and normal)
  • Downstream cellular subset isolations available via magnetic bead separation and FACS based sorting
  • Custom sample preparation such as spiked or contrived samples

Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting

Multiparametric flow cytometry and cell sorting that can be performed in many sample types including: whole blood, primary cells, fresh or frozen PBMCs (diseased and/or normal), cell lines, and dissociated diseased and normal tissues and their cellular subsets. Panels include standardized and customizable panels for major cell subsets of the innate and adaptive immune system. Functional assays include evaluation of proliferation, apoptosis, cytotoxicity, and cytokine secretion.

  • Phenotypic profiling
  • Functional profiling
  • FACS Based Cell Sorting

In vitro Cell Culture

Primary cell culture of cells derived from human blood and tissue to evaluate growth characteristics, phenotypic changes, and drug responses. Including:

  • T cell expansion
  • Macrophage and dendritic cell differentiation from monocytes
  • Custom drug sensitivity assays  - IC50 studies

10x Library Construction

Single-cell sequencing library prep on the 10x Chromium platform, including specialized sample preparation, multiple QC checks throughout library construction, and pipeline data analysis.

  • Single Cell Gene Expression (scRNASeq)
  • Single Cell Immune Profiling (TCRSeq, BCRSeq)
  • Feature Barcoding (CITESeq)

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