Consultative Cell Services

Leverage Discovery’s expertise, biospecimens and analytical services to optimize studies and accelerate timelines.

Each of the service areas below can be utilized as standalone or combined to into complex workflows that result in actionable data and analysis.


Processing Services


Get the biospecimens
you want in the
formats you need.

We help you optimize biospecimen utility for your specific applications by expertly executing cellular processing, FACS, magnetic isolations, and custom sample preparations for diseased and normal tissues, tumors, blood and other sample types. 


Flow Cytometry Services


Understand phenotypic and functional biomarkers.

We help you understand the phenotypic and functional biomarkers in your cohorts by delivering accurate multiparametric flow cytometry data using standard and customized panels that interrogate diseased and normal whole blood, primary cells, fresh or frozen PBMCs, cell lines, normal tissues and their cellular subsets.


In Vitro
Cell Culture


Inform downstream
studies by evaluating
in vitro cellular changes.

Our cell biology experts can perform primary cell cultures services derived from human blood and tissue with multiple analytical readouts, so you can understand growth characteristics, phenotypic changes, cytotoxicity, immune cell proliferation / expansion / differentiation, and drug response (including effector cell platforms) to inform and accelerate development.


10x Single Cell Services


Improve the resolution of genomic data

We help you understand the status of individual cells as a 10X Chromium Certified Service Provider. Our expert cell biologists perform single-cell sequencing library preparation, including specialized sample preparation, multiple QC checks throughout library construction, and pipeline data analysis. Our genomic biomarker experts in our sequencing and bioinformatics service laboratory, HudsonAlpha Discovery, then takeover to conduct a wide variety of single cell sequencing services.


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