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Enterprise Support

AstraZeneca has dedicated support from Strategic Account Management focused on orchestrating true enterprise-wide partnerships. Our aim is to streamline communications, strengthen relationships, facilitate agreements, broaden support, and expedite solutions to advance AstraZeneca projects.

Tailored Solutions

Over the years, Discovery has delivered creative solutions across AstraZeneca Oncology and Biopharma R&D groups. Examples of these tailored services include customized and optimized NGS processes, low and high input NGS, whole genome, exome, targeted sequencing, and molecular pathology.

New Strategic Initiatives



Discovery is a Level 1 and Level 2 AstraZeneca service provider supporting both prospective and retrospective clinical trials. Working with scientists throughout TM and CGR, Discovery now offers a wide range of genomic services including comprehensive genomic profiling, advanced nucleic acid extraction, whole genome, exome, transcriptome, single cell, and targeted sequencing services.  



Discovery has an agreement to supply GMP-compliant leukopaks to AstraZeneca development teams through our AllCell’s business. AllCells has the world’s largest apheresis capacity supporting both RUO and GMP-compliant collections. AllCell’s project management teams are ready to fully support AstraZeneca’s leukopak needs. 


Recent Precision Medicine Quarterly Article on Discovery’s Approach for Accelerating Biomarker and CDx Approvals: 


Featured Biospecimens


Dissociated Tumor Cells (DTCs)

  • Largest selection available spanning most solid tumor indications
  • World-class scientific support for DTCs utilization
  • Flow and genomic characterizations available for optimal sample selections

Consented FFPE

  • Pathologist reviewed, fully consented FFPE blocks and matched sets

  • 40x Digital H&E images of all blocks for easy review and selection 

  • Wide range of expert tissue biomarker and genomic services available


AllCells™ Leukopaks

  • GMP and RUO Leukopaks
  • 99% delivery rate
  • Tens of thousands of highly characterized donors available
  • World's largest apheresis capacity to deliver RUO and GMP-compliant products

Discovery offers a full spectrum of biospecimens,
as well as ADMET solutions, available now to support AstraZeneca projects.


Featured Services


Discovery, Targeted and Quantitative Proteomics

Reliable and customizable proteomic services from mass spectrometry to multiplexed immunoassays enabling improved understanding of real-time human biology.


Proprietary Low-Input Comprehensive Genomic Profiling Pipeline

High-throughput RNA-Seq, WES, targeted and pan-caner sequencing workflows optimized in GCLP-compliant service laboratories for the most challenging sample types such as FFPE and core needle biopsies. 


Custom Multiplex Immunofluorescent Assay Development

Pathologist-driven, GCLP compliant procedures for developing and validating custom mIF assays in CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified service laboratories. 


Discovery is your global strategic partner bringing the know-how, technology, and flexibility to tailor your projects - all under one roof.  


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