Discovery Life Sciences and AllCells® have joined forces.

Welcome to a new market leader in the procurement and customization of human cellular starting materials with integrated analytic services to advance cell and gene therapy programs. 


AllCells is now a Discovery Life Sciences™ company. Together, we deliver a revolutionary set of scalable solutions to accelerate cell and gene therapy programs at every stage of development.

Cell and gene therapies are heralded as the future of precision medicine, but challenges in obtaining reliable, high quality cellular starting materials and defining appropriate process analytics threaten to slow progress. Discovery’s and AllCells’ combined capabilities present a scalable, end-to-end solution that provides unrivaled access to reliable human cellular starting materials with integrated analytic services. 



30+ years of combined experience serving the CGT market with unrivaled speed, continuity and scale using optimized donor management infrastructures, extensive recallable donor pools, and industry-leading viability and purity standards.



Access to tens of thousands of well-characterized, highly engaged recallable donors from Discovery Donor Clinic and LeukoLab™ collection sites across the US and Europe to support projects at any scale. 



Receive human cellular starting materials within 24 to 48 hours of placing an order, and make decisions faster with data from integrated analytic services.



RUO and GMP-grade fresh and cryopreserved normal and mobilized leukopaks to support early discovery to commercial manufacturing



High quality products with industry-leading viability for optimal consistency and reproducibility

Integrated Analytic Services


Cell isolation, cell culture, and immunophenotypic and functional profiling services adjacent to donor clinics to help define process analytics and inform decision-making

Science at Your Service™


Ready access to scientific experts who help optimize projects with an innovative, collaborative, flexible and client-centric approach





Addressing the Achilles Heel of T-Cell Therapy

April 18, 2022

Cryopreserved leukopaks eliminate the constraints imposed by a reliance on fresh human cells
for T-cell therapies. Has the tide turned in favor of frozen cells?


Cryopreserved Leukopaks: Addressing the Viability Myth

April 28, 2022

Recent publications, including a landmark paper from Novartis¹, demonstrate the viability and
utility of cryopreserved leukopaks, dispelling the viability myth.


Optimizing Viability for Cryopreserved Leukopaks

May 5, 2022

Setting up for success: How proper handling and processing pre-freeze can ensure the maximum
levels of cell viability after cryopreservation.



Hanson wade Webinar | Next Generation Cell Therapies: Combined Analytics & Cryopreserved Starting Materials



Discovery Life Sciences Acquires AllCells

July 12, 2022

Discovery Life Sciences™ (Discovery), the biospecimen and biomarker specialists™, today announced its acquisition of AllCells®, a leading provider of clinical-grade (GMP-compliant) and Research Use Only (RUO) primary cell products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will this change my interaction with Discovery and / or AllCells?
We do not anticipate any changes to how you interact with Discovery and AllCells representatives, beyond having access to added expertise and capabilities.
How can the acquisition of AllCells by Discovery Life Sciences accelerate my CGT projects?
Two industry leaders are better than one! The combination of our collective solutions means increased selection, speed and scale with the same trusted commitment to flexibility, client service, and quality enabled by an expanded team of CGT experts. Speak to an expert today to initiate your CGT project.
What does the acquisition of AllCells by Discovery Life Sciences mean for my ongoing projects at Discovery and / or AllCells?
AllCells’ scientists will remain part of Discovery, and all ongoing studies will continue to be serviced by those same dedicated experts. The flow of projects and timelines will be unaffected by the acquisition.
What will happen with our existing contract(s) or master services agreement(s) with AllCells?
No Immediate changes are anticipated. Our Legal Team will work with clients to implement any needed updates on a case-by-case basis with the mutual goal of causing no or minimal disruption to ongoing projects.
Where are your collection sites?
Our Research Use Only (“RUO”) and our Good Manufacturing Processes (“GMP”) collections are conducted in sites across the US including Alabama, California, Massachusetts, and Texas. Our Cell Biology Labs are often co-located in the same facilities, enabling real-time fresh processing or downstream manipulation as needed.
Are your apheresis donors recallable?
Yes, we have a pool of 10,000+ of reliable, recallable donors. Using more than 30 years of combined experience, we have carefully cultivated deep relationships with our donors and built a reliable supply chain optimized for speed and scale.
How do you facilitate the transition between RUO and GMP?

Our integrated project management approach facilitates the transition between research and clinical phases. Client-specific donor pools provide premier access and flexibility for GMP and RUO collections.


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