Discovery Expands ADME Solutions with Acquisition of Corning’s ADME Portfolio

Creating a unique innovation engine that delivers actionable results to help researchers navigate drug development programs more efficiently and cost-effectively. There will be no immediate changes to ordering processes for these products and services while the Gentest ADME portfolio  integrates with Discovery.

The combination of Corning’s ADME portfolio,  including Gentest®, Supersomes®, and TransportoCells™, with Discovery’s existing capabilities creates a leading provider of in vitro drug experimental systems to accelerate ADME, DMPK, and toxicology research for the biopharmaceutical and life sciences industry.


"We are excited to welcome the brilliant scientific experts behind Corning’s Gentest portfolio to the Discovery team,” said Dr. Albert Li.  "Our combined decades of experience in the application of in vitro experimental approaches in the evaluation of drug metabolism, drug-drug interactions, toxicology, and pharmacology, plus our combined unparalleled technologies, allow Discovery to provide the most advanced and highest quality in vitro products and research services to the research communities and drug development laboratories.”

Discovery’s Complete ADME Tox Solutions

Discovery now provides access to one of the largest microsome, supersome, and hepatocyte inventory in the world accompanied by associated leading-edge technologies at scale.  The result is a unique innovation engine that helps deliver actionable results to allow scientists to navigate their drug development programs more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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