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Discovery Life Sciences advances science in an innovative, collaborative, and client-centric environment. We are grounded in a “Science at your Service” attitude.

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A White-Glove Approach

Our scientists approach research challenges with the intelligence, agility and determination to achieve optimal outcomes. We wield a range of domain expertise to help you improve study designs, avoid problems, and optimize results.  Our team boasts applications in drug discovery, diagnostics development, and biotechnology.

We have leveraged our deep scientific acuity to create capabilities for our clients.

Proven Customer Satisfaction
The Net Promoter Rankings are a measure of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We rank in the top 10 percent of the healthcare industry, 15 points higher than the industry average. Our score means we are “world class” in customer satisfaction—their words, not ours.  In fact, we rank in the top five percent of all industries.

That’s why research clients keep coming back for more.

Why Work With Us?
Our team is expert in:


Improved Study Design


Reduced Project Timelines


Overcoming Unforeseen Challenges


Conducting Consultations to Optimize Results


Developing Professional Data Analysis and Reporting

Areas of Expertise

Our scientists regularly collaborate with biopharma and diagnostics clients in the following areas:

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